About the Town

The Town Hall has been re-designed to accommodate more visitors. There is now more room for those who wish to visit and observe the going on’s of the Town Commission. Please join us the second Monday of every month at 7:30pm.

Current Going On’s

The Town Commission has passed Ordinance No. 2011-02, which declares it shall be unlawful to have or keep within the city limits of the Town of Hillcrest Heights, FL, any rooster, peafowl, goose, emu, ostrich, or turkey or to permit same to roam at large inside the city limits. Effective 10/20/2011.

The Town of Hillcrest Heights will have their annual covered dish dinner and meeting on Thursday, Feb 16th, 2017 at the Babson Park Community Church. Please RSVP to the Town Clerk, Larry Blackwelder, at 863/638-2732.

The Town Commissioners have sent out the annual the 2017-Feb Town Letter to the Citizens of Hillcrest Heights.

Our garbage collection company has been changed to Florida Refuse. They will continue to pick up every Tuesday for both household trash and recycling.

They will also pick up yard waste on Wednesdays. If you have a large amount of trash or big items, please call Florida Refuse at 863/967-5801.

Please remember there is no burning of trash allowed in Hillcrest Heights.

In The News

Lakeland Ledger – Sept 14, 2010:     Hillcrest Heights 2010 Census Population Estimate remained the same at 252 but decreased from 266 in the past 10 years. Polk County 2010 Census Estimates

Lakeland Ledger – Jul 21, 2009:      Hillcrest Heights 2008 Census Population Estimate.

Winter Haven New Chief – Apr 12, 2009:   Community of Hillcrest Heights was founded during land boom.

Lakeland Ledger – Sep 8, 2008:  Women sprucing up Babson Park area.

Lakeland Ledger – Sep 8, 2008:   Hillcrest Heights considers annexing Crooked Lake.