About Hillcrest Heights, Fl

Hillcrest Heights is a quaint, neighborly town in Central Florida south of Lake Wales on the shores of Crooked Lake. With a land area of only 107 acres and 252 residents, it is one of the smallest towns in Florida.

Click here for more of the history of Hillcrest Heights and the Wikipedia page.


The Town of Hillcrest Heights has adopted a budget for fiscal year 2016-17 Town Proposed Budget to see the proposed budget.


The Town of Hillcrest Heights had their annual covered dish dinner and meeting on  at the Babson Park Women’s Center.

Click here to read the 2017-Feb Town Letter to the Citizens of Hillcrest Heights.


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Google Maps of Hillcrest Heights, Florida and surrounding area.

Florida Friendly Landscaping
This is a great site to learn how to have a Florida Friendly yard. Some of the ideas on this web site will help conserve water and retain the water quality of Crooked Lake.

Water Restrictions for Polk County including Hillcrest Heights.

For more information about Crooked Lake please visit the Defenders of Crooked Lake web site.

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